TOA TOA (ToaCoin)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.02 TOA
Withdrawal Rate 0.01 TOA
Portfolio Status Active
Marketplace Sales Only

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R$ 0.00055035
$ 0.41
0.00000001 (-0.26%)

0.00012201 USD

0.00771649 EUR

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TOA Coin is a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency aimed to provide efficiency related to one’s traveling expenses. TOA Coin provide its users the ability to use cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for services like Hotel accommodation and other travel related expenses. TOA Coin is designed to have 2% inflation rate with an initial volume of 8.8 Billion. TOA Coin POW phase will be completed before launching it to the public allowing the users to treat it as a pure PoS Coin with 2% annual inflation rate.

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