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For those who do not have much knowledge of SIA it is a platform of a sort of shared economy created in 2013, the differential of the SIA platform is to reward the people who are part of this storage network, you are rewarded with Siacoin when you provide your machine for storing various data from the network.

The goal of SIA is to enter the cloud storage market, lowering storage costs, bringing more security to those who use it, this is already a great point for anyone who wants to invest in the currency, the cloud storage market is growing , perhaps this is the future when it comes to crypto-currency investment. Siacoin is also considered derived from Bitcoin itself, in the future a two - way peg will be implemented that will connect Siacoin and Bitcoin financially, the transactions that take place with this crypto "Siacoin" is the simplification of Bitcoin.

Cryptomoeda Siacoin is considered good for medium and long-term investments, with this pronouncement from SIA to definitely enter the gigantic cloud storage market, and if that really happens this year, will make its cryptomeda more valued, according to with some experts there is a great chance that this will happen, so this is a cryptomeo where investors should keep an eye on this year due to these facts, even if it does not happen as soon as Siacoin remains a good investment for medium and long term.

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