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The IOTA cryptocurrency aims to become a pioneering project in the use of the internet of things. Its main characteristics are the following requirements: scalable, decentralized, modular and free of charge.

With the constant growth of the internet of things known also with the acronym "IoT". The IOTA currency explores the possibility of new ways of doing business in an open market in real time, without fees and using a transfer technology called Tangle.

IOTA does not work through blockchain technology. In the Tangle system, all are connected, marrying validation with the transaction, the DAG-based system allows each transaction entering the network to validate the previous transactions, allowing the transfer rate of the transactions to be staggered in conjunction with the validation and with zero rates.

Advantages of Tangle Technology:

-Huge scalability and speed;

-Inexistence of rates, which allows infinitesimal microtransactions (nanotranslation);

-Resistant to attacks by quantum computation;

-Modular and lightweight structure, suitable for integration into any devices in the Internet environment of things (IoT).

The future of IOTA is supported by several institutions linked to technology, for having a system considered stable, safe, efficient and has great visibility in the universe of crypto-coins.

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