Komodo Komodo (KMD)

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Komodo is a secure and anonymous crypto-based based on the ZCash bifurcation. It is a result of the joint development initiative between the teams of BitcoinDark and SuperNET.

Its encryption uses a cryptographic token that allows users to protect their identities with Zero-Knowledge Proofs, a technology originally developed by the Zcash project, to protect privacy and ensure that there are no duplicate expenses or use of hacks in the Komodo blockchain. created a process of notorization called Delayed Proof of Work.

Many traders and even ordinary users keep away from bitcoin and crypto-coins in general because of their volatile nature. No one wants to sell a product and lose their profits due to a completely unpredictable price drop. Therefore, the team behind Komodo has created a set of assets consisting of 32 fiduciary currencies.

These stable-priced assets are protected by the same privacy and security standards as the Komodo currencies. Therefore, anyone can transfer national coins anonymously in the blockchain. In addition, a fully decentralized brokerage for these national currencies has also been implemented within the Komodo portfolio, called Iguana.

It is also important to note that Komodo does not believe in competition within a cryptographic sphere, but in a decentralized network of crypto-coins where each has its specific function and purpose.

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