Golem Golem (GNT)

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For those who still do not know the Golem, it is also a decentralized crypto-currency, ie a currency that is not controlled by the state, so it is not dependent on government actions to have good or bad results, but the amount of coins that are in the market versus the amount of demand for them. The Golem is not mined like the already known Bitcoin, it is paid as a reward for the services of a machine, and what would that service be?

You use the computing power of your machine to rent to the people who need it, it is like an Aribnb in the world of computers and it is with the Golem that they are paid, for you to have a quantified idea, the processing in clouds moved 175 billion of dollars in 2015, this is a market in great expansion and very promising, where every day more and more people need spaces for their new projects, having these data, it is easier to imagine the future of this cryptocurrency, that is having until now a good expectation for those who already invest.

The Golem is a good investment for the visionary people who are watching the small wave that has been growing. The Golem has a great team behind, where he has been keeping this company and very well for a long time, to be more exact already 8 years, only by that time in the market already to recognize the consolidation that the Golem has, that already behind a security when investing, you may be wondering now why I said a small wave that has been growing if Golem is already 8 years in the market, you see, 8 years ago people did not use so much processing power of the machines, and today with each passing year this is going up, that is to say, to see a good growth and also to have a security more for the consolidation that the Golem has in the market in those 8 years of work.

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