GLD GLD (GoldCoin)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.0004 GLD
Withdrawal Rate 0.0001 GLD
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$ 316.37
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GLD 9.75%
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Dollar -1.41%
Euro -1.68%
Gold -7.74%

Created by a well-known digital currency solutions company based in Hong Kong, Gold Coin is already gaining prominence in Southeast Asia.

Gold Coin is considered Bitcoin 3.0. The digital currency is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW) consensus protocols. Gold Coin mining is similar to that of Bitcoin, except for the X11 consensus protocol that does not allow mining by ASICs. The X11 consensus protocol is similar to that used by DarkCoin (now known as DASH).

The level of difficulty of the mining protocol is monitored and adjusted by the algorithm Dark Gravity Well (DGW), a superior version of the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm in many cases, for better security.

The World Gold Coin includes several features that are far superior to those of Bitcoin. Although the new currency still has a long way to go to be on the Bitcoin level in terms of usage, the World Gold Coin network comes out in front of the main crypto-currency when it comes to security and speed of transaction. The new cryptocurrency is ten times faster and more secure than Bitcoin. It includes seven levels of confirmation, against the five of Bitcoin.

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