GBYTE GBYTE (Byteball)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.004 GBYTE
Withdrawal Rate 0.00002 GBYTE
Portfolio Status Active
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R$ 426.57
$ 382,239.91
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42.00 USD

398.46 EUR

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Byteball had its start in Russia with a development team from Moscow in late 2016 was the launch of Byteball, it does not use the blockchain platform which is a more conventional platform, Byteball uses the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) , so it avoids some problems that the Bitcoin network faces, it helps in a way that it will not have future problems.

Considering the great demand for Bitcoin, the other cryptocurrencys were more forgotten in the market, causing prices to decrease, what is expected is that this apex of this vertiginous rise that Bitcoin has been taking, will come to an end soon and stabilize, thus raising the demand for other currencies and the consequence is that Byteball and other currencies start to get more valued, the people who are buying these cryptocurrencys at that low moment, are betting a lot on this growth that according to experts will be gradual, if this really happen those investors who are having that vision will end up making good money.

Given that Byteball is a new currency, which has not yet completed 1 year, it is doing very well, it has already peaked values ??that have reached more than 3 thousand reais, a sign of a good performance of the currency and that can be a good investment, potential to rise and maintain the value it has and it may not be long before this moment arrives, if you are a kind of moderate to aggressive investor this may be the time for you to invest and believe in this Byteball growth.

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