Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic (ETC)

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Ethereum Classic is not a new cryptocurrency, but rather the result of the fork of a cryptomaniac that already existed, the Ethereum. Both blockchains are identical in every way up to block 1920000, where the "fork" occurred. It is important to understand that the DAO token has been maintained, which means that all balances, portfolios and transactions that existed in Ethereum until the time of the hard-fork are still valid in the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. After the hard-fork, the blockchain was divided in two (split) and from there they present a life of their own.

Ethereum Classic still offers the same capabilities as Ethereum, such as creating and deploying smart contracts and decentralized applications, and has all the same specifications, such as average blocking time, size and reward.

It is important to know that the ETC does not have the support of the developers Ethereum, nor of the developer / creator Vitalik Buterin, thus becoming an altcoin created forcibly and therefore a risk factor. Anyway, it has had a good volume of trading and presented good valuation.

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