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The Einsteinium Foundation is an official Non-Profit Organization, and the worlds first NPO to be backed by cryptocurrency. The defining characteristics of the Einsteinium Foundation are 1) its ongoing commitment to research and charitable missions throughout the world, and 2) to the safeguarding, maintenance, and development of Einsteinium, an international digital currency built on a secure, decentralized open ledger, or blockchain. Scientific research is a long-term investment in our future and the future of our planet. Funding around the world for ‘big ideas’ has fallen dramatically in recent years. In direct response to this, the Foundation awards grant money to worthy applicants. There are no restrictions on which projects are eligible but they must be scientific in nature, working to push our knowledge and understanding further, and strive to build us a better, safer and more stable future. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with other NPOs and scientific organizations worldwide, in order to support future groundbreaking science projects of all kinds.

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