Decred Decred (DCR)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.06 DCR
Withdrawal Rate 0.03 DCR
Portfolio Status Active
Marketplace Sales Only

Current Price

R$ 138.37
$ 117,487.17
0.00312253 (0.07%)

34.30 USD

41.05 EUR

Last 30 Days

DCR -9.02%
BTC 0%
Dollar 6.19%
Euro 5.77%
Gold 17.38%

Decred is a cryptocurrency, which like Bitcoin is decentralized and also needs to be mined, Decred had a very well thought out project and made from absolute zero to be one of the best crypto-coins, Decred developers are the same Bitcoin developers, this already shows the potential that this currency can have and has been showing over time.

Decred because it is decentralized, it is not controlled by the state but by the people who own the currency, that is, nothing better than the currencys own investors to have control over it, its early release of the new version has now been in April of 2017, the version of this coin is new, but it was conceived and developed by the same developers of the most talked about and known cipher, Bitcoin, this is one of the recipes of success, and this recipe is part of this great bet of the moment, great investment for bolder investors.

This cryptocurrency is in high growth, a good time to invest and to make some money with it, this is clear if bought and sold at the right moment, like the other currencies and stocks of the stock exchange, there is a rise and in the values, this if due to the high demand and some other factors that interferes and dictates the fall and growth of them, plus the value of Decred is rising gradually at the moment, this can be a good investment opportunity and so be part of this community of investors of the next Decred growing over time and also dictate the future of this crypto-currency, with decisions together, following the will of the majority with votes, seeking more quality giving a better future for Decred, remembering, any type of investment is risk, so it exists the right moment of buying and selling.

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