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Digibyte was launched in January 2014, initially to enable faster and safer transfers. Over the years it has undergone several important updates.

It was a pioneer in difficult-to-adjust mining and Digishield technology, which valued the currency. The digibyte is well-liked in Altcoins communities because it has a dedicated developer team.

The DigiByte blockchain is the most innovative part of the system. Provides the network infrastructure and communications to run safely and at high speed. The system was programmed to create up to 21 billion DigiBytes in 21 years (2014-2035).

The blockchain of this coin is divided into 3 layers:

- Application Layer: This is the layer that most people use in everyday applications, such as creating applications in the blockchain DigiByte (Digi-Apps) and smart contracts.

- Digital / Intellectual Property: the middle layer provides security and administration.

- General Communications Protocol / Global Network Layer: Any server, computer or cell phone connected to the DigiByte network becomes a node that helps to retransmit transactions.

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