BSD BSD (BitSend)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.01 BSD
Withdrawal Rate 0.005 BSD
Portfolio Status Active

Current Price

R$ 0.30
$ 257.06
0.00002193 (0.74%)

0.09069439 USD

0.52 EUR

Last 30 Days

BSD -6.91%
BTC 0%
Dollar -5.42%
Euro -5.7%
Gold -2.34%

Bitsend is a project that was founded in 2014, initially called LimecoinX, but was soon abandoned by its developer. Now with a new name a new team working intensely in the last 2 years in this coin, it has everything to become the next big digital currency!

There are 5 developer companies, specialized in crypto-coins working and improving the Bitsend development, using the Xevan algorithm and has the speed by Block of 3 minutes while Bitcoin uses by block 10 minutes.

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