BLK BLK (BlackCoin)

Minimum for Withdrawals 0.04 BLK
Withdrawal Rate 0.0001 BLK
Portfolio Status Active
Marketplace Sales Only

Current Price

R$ 0.33
$ 296.57
0.00000788 (-14.76%)

0.08360882 USD

0.25 EUR

Last 30 Days

BLK 1.8%
BTC 0%
Dollar -1.41%
Euro -1.68%
Gold -7.74%

BlackCoin is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency, uses a proof-of-stake system and is an open-source software, f was created by Rat4 developer, with the goal of proving that BlackCoin's way of deactivating the proof-of -work is stable and secure.

BlackCoin maintains the security of your network through a process called "minting". Transactions with BlackCoin are called "significant" in a Citibank white paper.

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