Ark Ark (ARK)

Minimum for Withdrawals 1.0 ARK
Withdrawal Rate 0.1 ARK
Portfolio Status Active
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R$ 2.04
$ 1,712.57
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4.08 EUR

Last 30 Days

ARK 14.08%
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Dollar -5.42%
Euro -5.7%
Gold -2.34%

ARK is not just a cryptocurrency - it is an ecosystem meant for cryptocurrency mass adoption. By building the ARK platform on top of a highly secure core blockchain, integrating key decentralized technologies, and developing use cases to show off the abilities of the ARK network, ARK provides a user-friendly platform to increase user adoption of blockchain technology as a whole. By leveraging and integrating these technologies, over time, the ARK ecosystem adapts to all new challenges head on - one advancement after another.

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