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1st Step

Create a new account with valid email and phone number. The email along with the password will be required to log in to the system. When you create a new account, a message will automatically be sent to the validation of the informed email. Confirm by clicking on the "link" and you will be ready to buy your cryptocurrencies.

2nd Step

Check the prices of currencies traded by Coin2001 and choose the one of your choice. There are varied options available with price ranges and differentiated profitability possibilities. When you click buy, confirm the values ​​and proceed to the payment step.

3rd Step

With a credit card, complete the payment form and follow the instructions. To pay with cash, follow the instructions for deposit into account and transfer of funds. Daily and monthly limits are limited by the level of validation in the system. So the more we know about you, the greater the shopping and discount possibilities.

4th Step

Complete the payment and inform the address of your wallet" so that we can transfer the purchased currency. Once the payment is approved, you will be notified by email and must confirm the address of your wallet. the transfer process in the blockchain " and warns you when completed.

Choose the currency and the quantity or value you want to buy


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